Things to Consider when Looking for an Espresso Machine

We all need a good coffee making machine. If you don’t have a reasonably priced and good machine which can adequately prepare it, you can’t really enjoy a good cup of gourmet coffee. A good quality and great tasting espresso doesn’t necessarily has to cost a lot of money.

Essential Features for that Perfect Gourmet Espresso

To enjoy a great tasting home made cup of coffee requires a good espresso machine. Luckily, excellent machines are often available for rather affordable prices.

Looking for an Espresso Machine

Price is always important, especially in these days and thus, it is important to know the best places to buy great machines with popular features at affordable prices.

1. Look for an espresso machine that gives you the ability to control the amount of water that is used for every pull. The control over the water that is pushed and over the speed how it’s forced through the espresso grounds, determines the quality of the cup. It is preferable to have a pre-moistening cycle, where the coffee grounds are moistened with hot water before the shot is pulled. The result is an espresso with more flavors.

2. A cup warmer is actually a must have feature and not a high tech one. Thus, a machine with this feature should not be a lot more expensive. This feature delivers a warm cup where to pour the espresso. On the other hand, a cold cup negatively affects the taste of the espresso.

3. If you want to make cappuccinos or lattes, you need to have a frothing or steam wand. On the other hand, a milk canister is not an absolute must, but it is a convenient addition. Take the time to shop around and you’ll most probably find an espresso machine that has these additions without over increasing the price of the machine.

4. Use a coffee grinder if you want your coffee to taste better.

The list of truly impressive espresso machines includes the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine, the Lavazza Espresso Point EP850 and the Starbucks Barista Home Espresso Machine. These are all great machines which will always deliver you a great tasting cup of espresso.

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