The Benefits of An Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

If you want to clear up some of the clutter on your kitchen countertop one very viable option is the under cabinet paper towel holder. Paper towel holders are neatly put under your cabinets where they wont be in your way at all.

Under cabinet paper towel holders can be put under any cabinet of your choice. You can choose any material so it’ll fit any style of your choice. You can choose stainless steel, chrome, iron, vintage, or even plastic. If you’re trying to achieve the technological modern setting in your kitchen then you may even consider buying an electric powered under cabinet paper towel holder. It’ll look good, and it’ll be very convenient to you and your guests.

Picture this: You’re preparing and cooking dinner and you’re in the process of cutting up chicken, then the phone suddenly rings and you wash off your hands in a hurry, but far from thoroughly, and you then dry them with your cloth towel to go answer the phone.

Then while washing dishes the baby beings to cry and you dry your hands off with the same infected towel you use earlier. You now are preparing your baby’s bottle and infecting it unknowingly. This could all be avoided by using paper towels since they’re disposed of after being used once.

I found it very useful to mount the paper towel holders under cabinets that are associated with hand use, such as under the kitchen sink. The cutting board is another place where you use your hands a lot and a towel holder would be suggested under that cabinet. A paper towel holder under a cabinet near the sink is also suggested to clean up any spills. Food and liquid spills on the stove are bacteria colonies in the making if left unclean.

Mounting a holder under a cabinet near the fridge allows you to wipe any spills inside the fridge before the liquids get sticky and much harder to wipe off. Having to constantly look for paper towels in your kitchen can become very frustrating.

This is one of many ideas to help you get the most out of your kitchen. Don’t be scared to try something new.

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