Save Renovation Costs with Reclaimed Oak Furniture

Renovating and remodelling your kitchen can be a great investment for any home, but at the time it can also have a significant impact on any home improvement budget. By choosing kitchen furniture made from reclaimed oak furniture as opposed to new oak furniture you stand to benefit from a number of advantages:

Cost – Since reclaimed oak furniture has by its very nature been part of some other structure or piece of furniture you can save a substantial amount of your budget by purchasing reclaimed oak kitchen furniture, without compromising on quality or style.

Quality – Wood furniture is susceptible to shrinkage and colouration, reclaimed oak furniture however is likely to already experienced shrinkage due to moisture and heat, and any colouration effects from the sun and so the piece of furniture you buy is the piece of furniture you will enjoy. Oak is also a very naturally strong wood and so there will be no loss in strength of the wood due to age and the pieces of furniture you buy will be extremely durable, which is ideal for use in a kitchen.

Environmental – By using reclaimed oak furniture you are in effect recycling old oak, and so you are having a positive impact on the environment and of course reducing the amount of fresh oak which needs to be cut.

If you are renovating your kitchen then I would recommend creating a list of the items of furniture you want in the finished room so that you can budget for them and ensure there is space. When I recently remodelled my kitchen the top pieces of furniture I budgeted for were:

* Dining table and six chairs
* Wall mounted kitchen cabinets – 2 cabinets placed on separate walls
* Welsh dresser – feature piece of furniture and the largest part of the budget was used on this item
* Butchers block

I have a particular favourite range of reclaimed oak furniture called Santana, who tend to specialise in bedroom furniture, but they have a stunning reclaimed oak extending dining table, which is perfect if you are creating a kitchen-dining room as part of your remodelling work. If you are tempted by this table be sure to check out the matching chairs!

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