Panasonic Prestige NN-SD797S Microwave Review

This microwave was purchased for one of our rental homes because it matched the stainless steel appliances that we had in the kitchen. The renters seemed to be very pleased with this microwave the entire time they rented from us. Once they moved out, we decided to use the microwave in our own home and bought a smaller one for the rental place.

This microwave has done very well for us over the last few months, and there is nothing bad about it that I can see so far. We don’t really use it all that much, maybe once or twice a day to reheat something to eat or drink, but it’s been working well, regardless.

While there has been a few times when the door would stick or the timer didn’t seem to work right, those instances don’t happen very often, and they are easily fixed for the most part. Other than those issues, this has been a great microwave to have in the kitchen, and I would highly suggest you purchase this one.

You will love the clean look, and the space it uses is minimal to say the least, and that is the best part ever.

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