Nine Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Are you ready to make some improvements to your kitchen but can’t come up with what you need? Don’t become discouraged. All you need to do is add a kitchen backsplash to give it a totally unique look.

You’ll find that there are plenty material choices when it comes to selecting the best backsplash to put behind your kitchen counters and sink. While their purpose is to catch any spills and splatters, they can also add to the overall appearance of your kitchen. There are various types that will give your kitchen charm while also being easy to clean and maintain.

Have a look at these kitchen backsplash ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

* If you have a new age style kitchen, a stainless steel backsplash may be just what you need as an accent. This is a durable and heat resistant material that’s also low maintenance.

* For many kitchens, a good backsplash will be made from glass, ceramic, metal or natural stone tiles. There are many advantages to choosing any of these. They offer various designs, are easy to install and clean. They’re also resistant to heat and stain.

* Many people that can afford it choose wall paper as a backsplash. You should keep in mind that this can be rather costly and needs a lot of work to clean splatters.

* Another type of backsplash material is mirrors. They look great and add a sort of sparkling sophistication to the kitchen. However, great care must be taken so that they don’t break.

* Whiteboard or cork can be used as backsplashes as well as a place to stick notes and recipes.

* To be really unique, try using some antique ceiling tiles to build a backsplash. These are available in various textures and colors to create the country style kitchen of your dreams.

* Use chips from old china plates and cups to create a colorful mosaic.

* For more of a “green” backsplash, consider using recycled aluminum tiles.

* Then there’s the ever simple peel and stick tiles that is available in a reflective checkerboard design.

All of these are wonderful ideas and can certainly start moving you in the right direction. As you go along, you may invent your own type of backsplash.

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