Making the Paint Stick: Painting your Vinyl or Aluminum Siding

Many people who have aluminum or vinyl siding can probably tell you all about the inconvenience of an improper painting method. The paint will begin to chip and flake off if you go about painting as you would any other room in your home.

With vinyl siding, the color doesn’t so much flake off as it does fade. These problems can be fixed with the proper painting technique. Just keep in mind the most important part of painting these different siding materials. They are not painted the same as rooms in the home, and they are not the same themselves. Different methods must be applied to each.

For both of them, though, you will want to make sure that their surfaces are completely clean before doing anything. Rent yourself a power washer and go to town. After it dries, this is where things get different.

For vinyl siding, apply a de-glosser. The de-glosser is used to help the paint stick better by removing any shine off of the vinyl surface. This does not need to be done for the aluminum siding, unless it has a vinyl coating. For both types of walls, be sure to use a latex paint bonding chemical.

Another thing that these wall types can both agree on is the use of a Paintzoom. If you haven’t heard of a Paintzoom, it is a product much like spray paint, but it is far neater and cleaner. The paint goes on thick and stays. Paintzoom complaints are nearly unheard of. Just go check out a Paintzoom review online. It helps the paint stick to the wall, and it also goes on much faster.

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