Making Crepes Like A Pro Is Easy And Fun

When making crepes it is not something that you need to be in doubt about because it actually only requires that you follow a few simple steps. When taking these steps as provided you can be making tons of crepes in no time like a pro!

Crepes can be filled with just about anything you want. You can chop larger food items up so that they will fit inside your crepes. Crepes can be eaten at any time of the day for any meal of the day; it is a very versatile food.

Making Crepes Like A Pro Is Easy And Fun

Crepe Tools

In order to make the perfect crepes, you will need the proper cooking tools to do so. There are some people that choose to purchase a crepe maker because it is a tool that is specifically made for cooking the best crepes possible. Buying a crepe maker would be a great option for beginners that are just learning to make them.

Looking online you will be able to read some crepe maker reviews which will aid you in making a decision on which crepe maker would be the best one to buy. Crepe makers are shallow pans that are generally no bigger than about 11-12 inches in diameter.


You will need to have a crepe batter with the correct consistency if you want your crepes to turn out well. However, this is not something that is difficult to accomplish. Crepe batter is actually quite easy to make if you follow the directions precisely to a crepe recipe. A thick batter is better to start with because you can always thin it out later with more water if you have too. Milk is actually better to use rather than water; so try to use milk if you can.

Proper technique

You need to make sure that your heat is at the right temperature for cooking your crepes. The crepe maker or your stove needs to be set very hot. The crepes cook quickly so make sure to flip them over on time.

Start by pouring in about 1/3 of the batter and swirling it around the pan to evenly distribute it. A spreader will need to be used if you are using an electric crepe maker instead of a pan.

Crepes need to be stacked onto a plate as you finish them. If you cooked them right then they will not stick together.


You can fill your crepes with anything you want. Once they are filled you lightly cook both folded sides of the crepe and then they are ready to be eaten!

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