Kitchen Re-designs – Classic & Contemporary

Watch any home improvement show on TV or pick up any home design magazine you will see how the kitchen has become one of the most important rooms in the house, for many the kitchen has become the hub of modern family life. With the increased importance placed on the kitchen many are choosing to invest more time and money into this room, and choosing to remodel and refurbish rather than moving house.

When remodeling any room it is important to remember to work within your allocated budget, you don’t want to run out of funds half way through the project! Before you start draw up some detailed plans of where the units, plumbing and furniture will be within the room and ensure that you take accurate measurements, certainly avoid the mistake of using different units of measurement!

I prefer to make all my measurements and produce all my plans using millimeters, but whatever you choose just be CONSISTENT.

The major part of any remodeling will be the addition of new units and furniture and also potentially some plumbing work if you are making large scale changes to the room. Before you jump headlong into buying units and furniture consider what type of room you are looking to achieve, do you want a classic farmhouse design with chunky oak furniture and painted kitchen units or are you looking for a more contemporary finish?

The farmhouse style is a true classic, and is particularly fitting for rural homes. Matching oak furniture and units can be beautifully complemented with a butcher’s block and a Welsh dresser. If your budget allows it consider replacing the cooker with an Aga cooker.

Naturally the farmhouse look will not suit every home and for a more modern feel consider being a little more adventurous with your kitchen remodeling and create a modern kitchen-diner. The modern kitchen can be truly stunning… clean lines, high-quality finish and of course space for all those gadgets!

Glass and chrome become the materials of choice in a contemporary kitchen-diner, add a black glass dining table and finish it with a stylish table settings, luxury silk napkins and Venetian glass for an effect which will be the talking point of any guests to your home. If you do not quite have the space for a full kitchen-diner then a breakfast bar can be a great solution to creating an environment where a family can eat together as opposed to in front of the TV with their food on their laps.

Remodeling can be fun and you will have a fantastic sense of achievement when you are enjoying the end result. As I mentioned before just remember to plan your design, remember to work within a budget, take care with your measurements and don’t be afraid to look for professional help, especially if any plumbing work is required.

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