Kitchen Makeover- What Colors to Use?

Remodeling the kitchen could surely lift the mood in every home. If you spend a lot of time in this area then this should be another reason for you to make some changes to give it a whole new look.

One of the things that need to be considered with doing a kitchen makeover is the colors. This depends largely on the theme or design you want your kitchen to have, and it may come in various hues such as: white, yellow, blue, black, red, and brown, just to mention a few.

While the traditional color is white, today people are more open to using modern shades like green, yellow, and red.

You may also opt to use washable paint because these are good enough to last for longer periods of time.

Here are some valuable tips that you can use when you want to pick kitchen colors.

1. Always consider the lighting because this is very important.
The color of your kitchen should compliment the lighting particularly for the walls. For example, if you want to use the color yellow for the walls, it is better to use white light instead of yellow light. If the area is well-lit and has a good amount of sunlight entering the room, then it is best to use dark shades.

2. When your kitchen area is connected to the living room, then you need to make certain that the shades for both rooms match.
If you use shades of brown for your living room, then you should not use green for the kitchen otherwise it would look awfully mismatched.

3. Kitchen cabinets and walls are very prominent in this area, not just for functionality but also for design.
Cabinets should be polished in matching shades. You might want to consider cream as this is the preferred shade these days. Ideally, kitchen cabinets need to match the chimney. This helps to make the various areas in the house look organized and classy.

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