How to Use a Vaporizer to Infuse Your Culinary Creations

Who doesn’t love an amazing meal that not only looks and tastes good, but that also smells great? Professional chefs and home cooks alike are always looking for a way to improve their recipes and create the best eating experience possible. The latest breakthrough in this “aromatization”. Aromatization is the method of adding pure and intense flavors to dishes by using a vaporizer. While vaporizers are a great way to add a touch of aromatherapy in your home, they can also be used to create new flavor combinations and dishes. It may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite easy.

Prepping the Herbs

Because of the nature of how a vaporizer works, there is no risk of burning or scorching the herbs or essential oils that you’re using. Instead, they heat up, maintaining their scent and flavor. But in order to get the most benefit out of your vaporizer, you want to make sure that the herbs that you use are finely ground before you vaporize them. Larger, whole pieces of herbs are harder to vaporizer and won’t produce the best results.

Preparing the Food

Once you have chosen your herbs and they are vaporized, the next step is adding that vapor to your dish. For the most intense flavor, the food should be cooked with the vapor. Put the ingredients in an oven bag and then put the opening of the over bag over the vaporizer hose or opening. Release the vapor into the bag, sealing it after. Then cook the food. The vapor will soak into the dish, infusing it with unbelievable flavor.

Serving the Food

When using aromatic vapor to cook, the presentation of the meal can be almost as important as the cooking of the food. Once the food is ready to be served, keep it in the oven bag and place it on a plate. Take it to where your guests are eating and open the oven bag. The vapors will pour out, enhancing the dining experience and setting mouths watering. Scent is such a large part of the eating experience and cooking with a vaporizer is all about the scent.

Using Aromatherapy

Infusing your dish with aromatic vapors is not the only way that you can use your vaporizer to increase the pleasure of dining. Using herbs or essential oils you can add a touch of aromatherapy to your meal. Vaporize your herbs or oils and capture the vapor in an oven bag. Poke tiny holes in the bag and place it under or next to your place. The vapor will slowly leak out as you eat, releasing the scent and adding to your dining experience. Lavender or mint are great options, but the sky is the limit


Because there are different heat levels on a vaporizer, you can achieve different levels of vaporization. You can choose a low setting and get just a hint of taste and a soft vapor, or you can opt for a higher heat setting and a thicker, richer vapor. The best thing to do is to experiment. Try different food and herb combinations and different levels of vaporization. Have fun with it!

Cooking and eating is one of the few things that includes all of the senses. People get so much pleasure out of eating and breaking bread together that chefs and cooks are always looking for ways to enhance the experience. Adding aromatic vapors to your dishes through the use of a vaporizer is a definite way to get the most out of your cooking.

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