Go Green With Kitchen Appliances

Everyone has heard of taking showers together or sharing bath water to save on money. This also works to save the Planet. However, have you ever heard of sharing kitchen appliances? Think about the number of times you run your dishwasher or washing machine at only half capacity. Maybe your refrigerator isn’t always full and you can fit in one more casserole.

If any of that sounds like you, have you thought about getting together with neighbors that are also concerned with saving the Planet and making a schedule to work together? This is simply a way to contact others on the list whenever you’re using one of your appliances below its full capacity and asking them if they need to use any of that extra space. It works great because you’re sharing the work load as well as the wear and tear on your appliances.

You might also consider organizing a small appliance club. Everyone that joins contributes equally to a fund that will maintain, repair or replace small appliances. This fund can be used as needed by club members. You can include irons, toasters, food mixers, sandwich makers, juicers, slow cookers, and microwaves. Anything that can be shared by club members is eligible. You don’t have to limit it to just kitchen appliances, either.

Throw in such things as vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, desk fans, power tools, oil filled radiators, or portable air conditioners. This is an excellent way to save on money and the Planet while also getting to know your neighbors.
Something else that you can do is recycle your old appliances once they can no longer be used. They can be turned into such things as a good shed storage unit from an old refrigerator.

There are other things that you can make from an old washing machine or old dryer when you just use your imagination. It’s a just a matter of how creative you can get with what you have to work with. You can even haul out power tools to do the transformation.

Many people prefer to use a Black and Decker power tool to do the work. You’ll see that there’s no real need to crowd the landfills with these old items that will never disintegrate into the earth. If you can find a use for them instead, it’s much better for the Planet and may even save you a bit of money.

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