DeLonghi DHB723 380-Watt Tri-Blade Hand Blender Review

The DeLongHi DHB 723 Tri-blade hand blender is a powerful and efficient blender minus the splash with just a press of a button. It’s a great investment as its long lasting and durable with a stainless steel triblades and is one of the best hand blenders on the market.

You can quickly control the speed of the hand blender by pushing a button. The efficiency of chopping or blending of ingredients depend on the speed so if you’re at the wrong speed for the end result you have in mind, you can simply choose pulse blending or continuous blending.

It’s also very comfortable to use because of its ergonomic grip so you won’t have a hard time trying to keep the hand blender in the grasp of your hands even when your hand feels slippery.

You also have extras when you get the tri-blade hand blender. You get a beaker, a chopper, a whisk and also a soup XL plan attachments for the hand blender. It’s what makes it a versatile tool you’d want to have for your kitchen.

It’s also quite easy to clean. Many of its parts can just be placed in a dishwasher. Just check the manual for more information.

It has a turbo power motor with 380 watts of maximum input power. The material used for its casing is in plastic and rubber. The DeLonghi hand blender weighs only 3.88 pounds. Indeed the perfect tool for making that yummy smoothie or creating that thick and naturally delicious soup for your family and friends to enjoy. It will surely make food preparations a lot quicker and more enjoyable.

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