Choosing the Right Materials for Your Bespoke Kitchen

In today’s homes, bespoke kitchens are gaining in popularity and importance. With this type of kitchen, the name of the game is custom-design. All aspects are designed exactly to the owner’s specifications, making it a room as unique as the home in which it’s found.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Bespoke Kitchen

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Bespoke Kitchen

A variety of materials are used in creating a bespoke kitchen. Laminated woods are often used to ensure they are fire-sealed, making them as fire retardant as possible. Types of wood used in bespoke kitchens include oak, sweet chestnut and walnut. For kitchens wanting a more individualized and unusual look, wood such as zebrano is used to create a style that will leave visitors in awe. Some homeowners want a more modern look to their bespoke kitchen and opt for materials such as metal and glass, while others want the look of a traditional country kitchen and use many varieties of wood as well as stained glass.

Texture is also an important aspect of many of these kitchens. Many people add texture to their kitchens by simply using textured materials such as wooden laminate flooring, wooden blinds or embedded butcher blocks. If tiles are a part of the kitchen’s design, stone tiles or ones that are hand-painted are usually the ones chosen most.

Many other woods are used in bespoke kitchen design. One of the most interesting in elm, which has made a comeback in recent years. A very strong and highly dense wood, it has an undulating grain that gives it an unusual yet striking appearance, making it a popular choice for doors, tables and chairs. Another popular wood is beech, which has been a favourite carpentry wood for generations, this wood is made famous by woodworkers at Salisbury Timber.

A very versatile wood that has a smooth grain, it’s one of the easiest woods with which to work. It’s a great choice for both contemporary or traditional kitchens, and is widely used to create kitchen work surfaces. Ash is also very popular in bespoke kitchens, often being used to construct kitchen cupboards. A practical and simple-looking wood, it’s use is widespread. For those who want to make their bespoke kitchens true works of art, mahogany is often the wood of choice. Featuring dark tones and rich grains, it’s a popular choice for kitchen worktops or cabinets.

While designing a kitchen can be hard work, the end results make it well worth the time and money spent in creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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