All About Espresso Machines

Espresso machines are everywhere these days, especially at department stores. Most everyone in the United States has a cup of coffee every now and then, so what should you know about espresso machines before you start shopping?

First Off, What Is “Espresso”?

Espresso is thicker than regular coffee and is made by forcing a small amount of very hot water through ground coffee beans. Espresso is the concentrated version of coffee and most coffee shops sell it in small serving sizes called “shots”. While espresso is too strong to drink on a regular basis or full in a cup, it’s enjoyable in moderation. A “shot” every now and again can be quite the experience.

Espresso Machines Can Get Quite Expensive

Some of the highest priced models are around $2,500 dollars! While most people won’t be shelling out this kind of cash for a simple espresso machine, a select few won’t have a problem paying that kind of money for one. For the rest of us, there are budget espresso machines that are worth the money you pay for them. Expect to pay around 80 dollars for a quality espresso machine for budget minded individuals.

An Espresso Machine Is Only As Good As The Coffee You Put Into It

If you’re expecting an exceptional coffee experience from subpar grounds, then you’re probably not going to find it. However, if you’re a high quality coffee connoisseur and you can afford high quality coffee, then espresso machines go hand in hand with that. If money is an issue, try finding bulk suppliers of coffee grounds that you really like. There are tons of suppliers and varieties to choose from online.

Espresso Machines Are Great For Parties

Espresso machines represent the next step up from coffee. If you have some “new blood” that you’d like to introduce to espresso, then by all means gather around your favorite espresso machine and “show them the ropes”. Keep in mind that caffeine is habit forming, so unless they’re already a coffee drinker, you probably wouldn’t want to “do that” to a friend.

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