Advice To Take For Cleaning A Griddle And Shopping For One

Electric griddles are a very popular cooking tool to use because they help people to make some of the best meals with thorough and precise cooking. Keep in mind that even though griddles are good tools to use, there are some people that do not know how to handle and care for them properly.

If you have never owned a griddle before then you might be able to benefit from the tips discussed below. Continue on to read about ways that you can keep from damaging your griddle:

Advice To Take For Cleaning A Griddle And Shopping For One

Properly Cleaning Your Griddle

The first thing that you want to take note of is that you should stay away from cleaning your griddle with harsh soaps or cleaning supplies. All you need is a wet rag; a hot wet rag. Using the clean hot wet rag you need to scrub away all of the food and leftovers from the pan. You can either scrub it out into your garbage disposal or over your trash can. By using the wet rag you can keep the surface of your griddle clean for the next time you are ready to use it for cooking.

Keeping up with the Maintenance

Do you own a non-stick griddle? Then it would be best to add a few drops of oil to the pan after you have cleaned it and use a paper towel to evenly spread the oil into the bottom of your pan. This will help the pan stay slick and ready to use. Do not put too much oil, just a couple of small drops.

Cooking in with your Griddle

Before you use your griddle you should let it warm up a bit to let the heat evenly distribute across the surface of it. If it is not thoroughly heated then you might risk not cooking your food all the way through.

Draining the Grease

Use the tilt grease draining feature if you have a griddle that has this feature. By draining the grease properly from the griddle it will ensure that you will continue to cook the healthiest meals in it. Grease removal is generally quite a task, especially if you leave the grease sitting in the griddle until it solidifies. You should always drain the grease shortly after you have finished cooking. For safety reasons, let the grease cool for about 5 minutes before emptying it out.

When shopping online for griddles you might want to refer to some electric griddle reviews to learn about the experiences that people have had with certain models.

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